Hand-made book

Journey 21 is a hand-made book based on Stanislaw Lem’s story “Voyage Twenty One”. The book is a result of my final degree project.

  1. The Story
    The hand-made book has been built on quotes from “Voyage 21” written by Stanislaw Lem. I’ve chosen it because of the philosophical and mystical meaning of the story. I’ve treated it as a new story which has now a personal value.
    The sci-fi story is about a space traveler who decided to start a new journey. He’s chosen the planet to visit, where he thought, there is a life similar to human being. Surprised and scared at first he found himself in an underground with some abbots of a new, unknown religion. They explained him the situation on Dykhtonia planet. The cosmonaut lernt about the history and new laws.
  2. Process
    I’ve read the story a few times and picked the most important quotes. The first phase of the project was to create sketches for each scene. Art books are not tight with standard book restrictions, so I’ve picked a planetary shape. Then I’ve painted each page using previous drafts. The final step was to bind them together. Most of the book has been painted in watercolour.
  3. Why an art-book?
    I think an art-book is a complete piece of art. It contains a value of the word, paint, and sometimes sculpture. Timeless meaning makes it a living treasure.
  4. “Voyage 21” audiobook
    Please find attached “Voyage 21” audiobook which I’ve found on youtube.
    The story is a part of Stanislaw Lem’s “Star Diaries”.

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