Nevada boat in Oxford


I would like to present you my latest #prismacolor work. I walk a lot in Oxford Thames river area. I found very intense in colours landscape with boat in the middle of view. I decided to use my new prismacolor crayons to continue testing them. I have to say that I was pretty surprised about the result. It was not easy for me to draw using Prismacolor and the second time was quite better, but I think I have never used so good crayons before (I believe this is just begining of exploring another companies).

I would like to share with you my impressions.

Prismacolor box and impression

I have 72 crayons set in metal case. This is a gift for my birthday but I found it on Amazon and it’s not so expensive thing – less then 30 GBP. The first thing that caught my eye was colours spectrum. You will find here both warm and cold shades of the same color. E.g. warm olive and cold pine forest green. The crayons are not made in any different way or material than others.They are ok and length in hand well, but the problem is that after travel in delivery car some crayon tips break during sharpening due to cracked graphite.

First lines

The first line on printer paper allowed me to understand the phenomenon of these crayons. They are soft and easy to apply on paper. I would say that it is a bit oily consistency but only with very strong pressure. The colors mix well. To be honest, I was hoping for a better color-melting effect, but after a few tries on various media, I understand that each texture has a different prismacolor color effect, after a long thought, I think it’s a plus.

First works and comparison

So far I have created two drawings. One is on Daley-Rowney’s gray paper, Murano line, Storm color. I wrote about it here. The second one I made on Koh-I-Noor popDraw paper, 180g/m2. Compared to Koh-I-Nor Mondeluz crayons … there is literally no comparison. Prismacolor’s pigmentation and covering are much better.
I still don’t think this paper is the best one, but I will look for the winner and I let you know. The problem for me using crayons it’s a colour blending. I think the material which you use for specific crayons has to be the right one:)

If you are struggling to explore new techniques and you’ve never tried prismacolor crayons – I will definitly recommend it to you especially if you’re paint fan. These crayons looks like paint!

And finally some results!


Autumn flowers. First test with Prismacolor


I always wanted to have Prismacolor crayons. I got it few days ago on my birthday and I am extremaly happy! I tried them out on grey paper but with very unplesant texture. The crayons are soft and oily so it will be probably easer to make beautyful artwork on plain, silk paper, but let’s try different mediums.

The color is very vibrant. It’s not that visible on my image becouse of the paper colour. Prismacolour crayons are easy to use and blend.



Watercolour from Romania


I’ve never been to Romania, but my friend had been. He is great photographer who gave me permission to make my watercolors based on his photos. Here is the link for his work.

I chose this image because I would like to start using warm colors in my art. I’m a big fan of blue. Painting clouds is still challenging for me so that was great photo to practice. I want to make my watercolors more bright and protect them against getting fade. Do you have any tips how to do it? Maybe different tools or medium for watercolors?